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Alagna – Baglio Baiata (Sicily) logo-baglio-baiata-alagna

Alagna Wines: 70 years of passion and love for wine

The Alagna family brings the flavor of nature, sun and earth to your glass from fine grapes produced in their own vineyards.

Respect for tradition and love for work give birth to quality wines that characterize Sicily.

The entire production aims to minimize the environmental impact and preserve the natural heritage of the area.


Antinori (Tuscany) 

Antinori: Over 600 years of wine production

The Antinori family has been dedicated to wine production for more than six hundred years: since, in 1385, Giovanni di Piero Antinori became part of the Florentine Art of the Vinattieri.

During its long history, through 26 generations, the Antinori family has always managed activities directly with innovative and sometimes courageous choices but always maintaining the respect for traditions and for the territory unchanged.


Avide (Sicily)Logo avide cantina

Avide: Simple, pleasant and elegant wines

One of the historic wineries in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico area (eastern Sicily), Avide has always stood out for its research of
quality both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Avide combines the technique of its decades-long skilled staff with continuous research and development to offer its customers the best products of the Sicilian tradition.

In addition, the Avide Wineries company is very attentive to
environmental sustainability of its products, from the vineyards
to the bottles.


Castel Firmian (Trentino) Castel Firmian logo

Castel Firmian: Modern wines with a long story to tell

Castel Firmian is a collection of wines with an enveloping character that, in the balance of its aromas and the intensity of its notes, hand down a story of bond with the territory, love for tradition, experience of real people. Trentino is the distinctive aromatic note of Castel Firmian: fragrant and elegant wines, with an ancient flavor.


Castello Di Querceto (Tuscany) Querceto-Logo-2020

Castello Di Querceto: The historic cellars of Chianti

Framed by the green woods and hills typical of Chianti, Castello di Querceto protects the heritage of its vineyards and olive groves as a precious asset.

The cellars are located in the basement of the Castle and of one of the recently built buildings, and house barriques from Allier, Tronçais, Limousin and Tonneaux, used for the maturation of the Castello and Chianti Classico Riserva selections.

Visiting the old cellar today, inebriated by the aromas of the wines that mature in precious oak barrels, we enter the heart of the Castle, where the selections of the best vintages starting from 1904 are kept.


Donnafugata (Sicily)

Donnafugata: Wines of an innovative Sicily, capable of making those who taste them happy

Donnafugata was born in Sicily from the initiative of a family that, with passion, has been able to innovate the style and perception of Sicilian wine in the world.

The name Donnafugata refers to the novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa the Leopard. A name that means “woman on the run” and refers to the story of a queen who found refuge in that part of Sicily where the company’s vineyards are today.

Respecting the environment, they produce wines that stand out for their pleasantness and complexity.


Gaja (Piedmont)

Gaja: The excellence of Italian wine production in the world

Gaja is an Italian wine producer from the Piedmont region in the Langhe district, mainly producing a number of Barbaresco and Barolo wines, and subsequently diversifying into the production of Brunello and “Super-Tuscan”.

The current owner and president Angelo Gaja is credited with developing techniques that have revolutionized winemaking in Italy.

The undisputed king of Barbaresco”, and “the man who dragged Piedmont into the modern world” are the titles that have been applied to him, and whose Barbaresco wine is considered a status symbol on a par with Château Lafite-Rothschild or Krug.


Mezzacorona 1904 (Trentino) Mezzacorona 1904 Trentino

Mezzacorona: The art of wine-making since 1904

It is the history of Trentino, a unique territory, with the purity of its mountains and valleys, the charm of its vineyards, and the centuries-old art of making wine.

Since 1904 Mezzacorona has been cultivating its own vineyards in the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige, a particularly suitable area thanks to the variety of microclimates that distinguishes it. Here, in the heart of the Dolomite Alps, Mezzacorona produces wines with a unique and authentic character like the territory in which they are born.

They are fragrant and elegant wines, authentic and virtuous like the men who make them, special like the land from which they come to life.


Nannetti (Tuscany) Nannetti

Nannetti: Passion and art of viticulture

For over 60 years the Nannetti family, owner of land in Montalcino of about 50 hectares, has been producing the famous Brunello di Montalcino and the equally fine Rosso di Montalcino.

The estate is located at an altitude of about 480 m a.s.l. in the splendid valley where historically Brunello di Montalcino is born from Sangiovese Grosso grapes.

The search for quality that has always distinguished the work of the Nannetti family, combined with the desire to experiment with the most advanced oenological techniques, has meant that the company has now reached excellent levels of quality with its products.


Nota (Trentino) Nota Trentino vini

Nota: The single-variety grappa

Nota grappa is produced with carefully selected single-grape pomace; it is therefore the grapes of Trentino that give, first to the wine and then to the grappa, an unmistakable bouquet and a delicate and fragrant aroma.

Nota single-variety grappa stands out for its fine, intense aroma and for its soft and clean flavor.


Mottura (Puglia) Mottura Puglia

Mottura: The quality and elegance of the most authentic Salento

The Mottura style has always combined tradition, experience and innovation, focusing on the authenticity and typicality of native vines and on the preservation of the characteristics of Salento viticulture.

The ingredients of these wines therefore respect the meticulous care and selection in the vineyard, the scrupulous work in the cellar during the vinification and aging, together with a rigorous approach to offer the consumer wines of quality and elegance.


Pellegrino 1880 (Sicily) Cantine Pellegrino

Pellegrino 1880: Over 140 years of experience in the vineyard and in the cellar

Since 1880 the Pellegrino family, one of the largest Sicilian wine families, has been growing the best Sicilian grapes, today representing great tradition and experience on the island.

In over 140 years they have acquired a deep knowledge of the territory, of the methods of cultivation of native vines, of the best grape vinification techniques.

They grow grapes in four owned estates with specific vocations, all managed with organic farming methods in full respect of the environment.


Pertinace (Piedmont) Pertinace Piemonte

Pertinace: Piedmontese wine tradition

The wines of the Pertinace winery are part of the purest Piedmontese wine tradition: starting from the attention to the vineyards up to the vinification and aging processes, the production of Barbaresco, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Dolcetto and Barbera d’Alba is oriented to a classic and elegant style.

The result is wines with a very different character, strongly characterized by the differences in terroir, mirror of an accurate and constant work in the vineyard.


Planeta (Sicily) Planeta Vini logo

Planeta: Sicily as a great wine continent

For 5 centuries, through 17 generations, the Planeta family has been committed to following the roads of agricultural evolution in a complex land like Sicily, with an approach that is always aimed towards openness and eco-sustainability.

The orientation towards innovation and contemporaneity are combined with a historical and ritual interpretation of wine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, together with wine, the other great family passion through which they cultivate the Sicilian land, capturing and interpreting the best expressions in each territory.


Righetti (VenetoRighetti Veneto

Righetti: In the heart of the classic Valpolicella

In the distant 1909 Angelo Righetti bought some vineyards in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica and built the first winemaking cellar.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and careful use of modern technologies, the company today produces wines of excellent quality and a unique personality, while maintaining the traditional style of Valpolicella Classica products.


Rotari (Trento) Rotari Trento DOC

Rotari: An unmistakable Trento DOC

In the heart of the Dolomites, between the valleys and hills of Trentino, Rotari is born, an elegant sparkling wine forged by the mountain climate.

Rotari is a Trentodoc, a classic method with long aging on the lees, with a very fine and persistent perlage and great organoleptic complexity. Rotari’s style is unmistakable: they are intense and fragrant sparkling wines, elegant and refined, with aromas of bread crust and golden apple, excellent companions for Italian and international cuisine.


Tolloy (Alto Adige) Tolloy cantina

Tolloy: The fine wines of Alto Adige

Where the Adige Valley narrows forming a lock, in the valley floor and on the hills around the ancient village of Salorno, the experience and the winemakers make the cultivation of the vine an art, which is expressed in the quality of Tolloy.

The particular vocation of the soil, the dry climate and the abundance of days with mild temperatures ensure the perfect ripening of the grapes.


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