Gift Ideas: Wish the Best with Wine

Are you compiling a list with gift ideas for your loved ones? We have a solution ready for you: give a nice bottle of wine! Here are at least 5 reasons why a good wine is a great gift.

gift ideas wine

1. Source of energy
Work, lunch on the fly, daily stress: the life of a modern person goes by at a crazy pace! Offer an additional source of strength and gift wine. It contains oligoelements, vitamins B, C, PP, minerals that will give a powerful boost of energy to your loved ones!

  1. Helps keep fit

American nutritionists have come to a conclusion which is paradoxical at first sight that a glass of wine a day reduces the likelihood of gaining weight by 30%. Staying fit thanks to a good wine is definitely fun!

  1. Maintains youth

Scientists from Boston University have discovered that the antioxidants contained in wine protect the body from aging. The opinion therefore is that wine slows down oxidation processes at the cellular level, helps maintain muscle mobility and skin elasticity.

  1. Antistress

Wine aids to relieve nervous tension and to deal with stress more easily, Spanish researchers from the University of Madrid have proven. Sparkling wine is particularly effective as an anti-stress: it contains elements that protect nerve cells and prolong their life cycle.

  1. Improve your logic

After numerous years of research, experts from the University of Illinois have stated that wine helps solve complex logical tasks. Volunteers with a glass of wine in hand solved the puzzles 40% (!) faster and more efficiently than non-drinkers. Gift wine to those engaged with mental work and don’t forget about yourself: the extra logic will never hurt!

We wish you pleasant surprises and good tastings.

Give only good wines to your loved ones!


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