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How to Choose Your Favorite Wine Among the Rosé?

Rosé wines are delicious. They are appreciated for their striking color, for kaleidoscopic bouquets, for their lightness and universal compatibility with many dishes.

Any wine called “rosé”, in one of the production phases, comes into contact with the grape skins for several hours: to give color to the drink. The “rosé” is never obtained by mixing white and red wine. The color in the wines of this name is due only to the contact with the skin of the berries. These wines vary in color from pale pink to very intense and deep pink.

Rosé wines are more similar to white wines. Only, unlike whites, rosés have a “body”: some tannins that arise in connection with red grapes. As a rule, rosé wines are very light, so hot summer days is the time of the year when rosé wines are at their peak. For lightness, freshness and discretion.

Intense rosés can have characteristics similar to red wines. If you compare them though, rosés aren’t as deeply structured, they have fewer nuances of flavor.

For the production of the rosé a rather wide variety list is used: the rosé variants of the Frappato variety are famous, and the rosé wines of the Merlot are not rare. Basically, rosé wine can be made from any red grape variety.

At what temperature should rosé wines be served?

Rosés are served very cold up to 5-7 degrees Celcius.
A good structured, dry and quality rosé should be served slightly warmer: 6-9 degrees. Such bouquets should be able to open a little.

What to pair with rosé wines?

The main advantage of rosé is its lightness and versatility. These wines combine the airiness and frivolity of whites and the depth and richness of reds.
And they go with almost everything:
• cheeses
• salmon
• shellfish
• pasta with red sauces
• and much more that comes to mind.

Rosé wine

To understand how good it is to taste rosé wines, try a couple of glasses of Albaria. You will be amazed how beautiful rosé can be. Basically, don’t be afraid to experiment with rosés, you will surely like the result.

The funny thing is that rose wines can be made from any grape variety! This means that a nice wine list opens up in front of you, which you should pay attention to. You can, for example,choose your favorite red wine and then find the same grape variety only in a rosé “performance”. This is how you can find your new favorite wine.


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